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A necessity for every wedding.

By John Matthews

A Necessity For Every Wedding – Videography

If you are getting married, it is pretty much a given norm that you will be making use of a professional photographer in order to capture all your beautiful moments. Creating memories such as these are very important, and leaves you with a lot of quality images that you could possibly go through after a long period of time. However, it leaves you to one serious question, whether you go for any kind of videography service to create a wonderful video of your memory also.

When it comes to wedding videography in Brisbane, there are a lot of thoughts on the topic. Most people don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money on their wedding, and hence videography normally gets the ax. However marriage, for most people, is only once in a lifetime event. So, getting married and having pictures of it is great, but then you’ll also need some form of video that will be able to capture the excitement of the day. Leaving this to wedding guests to do on their phones will leave you sorely disappointed. Shots will be shaky or blurry, poorly frames or too dark and grainy to make out the details.

As good as photography is, it just can not capture the true depth of the emotion and moments like video can. A video will be able to capture each and every small detail, starting from the morning preparations through to the beautiful ceremony then on to the party of the reception.

cinematic film

It would be a wise decision on your part to take on the help of a professional wedding videographer, even if this means reducing the budget you initially had put aside to spend on your photographer. There is no use saving a few hundred dollars, only to find that you have no videos of your special day.  You need to understand all the various things you are likely to miss if you do not hire a professional videographer. Every bride and groom says after the big day, how the day flow by and was a blur. Without a wedding video all those memories would slowly fade to time. With the amount of money couples are spending on weddings these days, the last thing you want to do is have a fading memory of all those beautiful details. Especially considering the amount of time you so painstakingly pored into it in the lead up to the wedding. Having the memory on video is also a great way to revitalize you married life in the years to come, being able to sit down together and relive the moment together on your anniversary.

You will never capture all these feelings in a photograph, without a video, you will not be able to capture these deep feelings of love. It would be a very good decision on your part when planning a wedding to go for a videographer who can capture this wonderful day on video.

Yes, you may have spent months of planning and preparing for your wedding, and so often videography is over looked until the last few weeks. Don’t because one of these bride who ring around frantically looking for a last minute wedding videographer only to be disappointed that all the good ones have already been booked. Get in early and try and book one as much as twelve months out from your wedding date.

So, it would actually be a good idea for you to hire a wedding videographer, and make sure that each and everything moment is documented for the years to come.

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10 Of The Most Common Things All Brides Forget

10 Of The Most Common Things All Brides Forget

By John Matthews

The 10 Things All Brides Forget When Planning They Wedding.

With all the wedding planning you’re doing right now, it’s hard to imagine there’s any detail you haven’t thought of,  but believe me, there are certain to-dos that somehow never make it to the top of list. Here are 10 essentials to keep in mind:

1) Make plans for after the wedding

We’re not talking about the honeymoon here (who would forget to plan that?). We mean you need to decide what you’re doing immediately after your wedding. If you don’t want the party to end with the last dance, you should pick a late-night spot in or near one of the guest hotels. If privacy isn’t all that important, book your wedding night room in the same hotel as your guests. If you just want to get to bed, we strongly suggest you book a room elsewhere.

2) Pack your overnight bag

If you’re allowed to check into your hotel room early — and you don’t personally need to be there to officially check in — pick someone to drop your overnight bag at your hotel before your ceremony starts. A guest who’s staying at the same place will more than likely be happy to do this for you, since they’re going to have to check in anyway! If your things can’t arrive sooner than you, ask a bridesmaid to be responsible for bringing your bag to the wedding and finding a safe spot for it in the bridal suite. Even easier, if you’ll have the same car or limo for the entire day and night, opt to keep your stuff in the boot.

3) Picking a friend to take your things home after the reception

Your gifts, mementos (think toasting flutes, cake topper, unity candle and guest book) and any leftover food, booze or cake need a trusty escort to get them home. Choose a person and let them know about their responsibility. And you may want to donate your centerpieces. Nursing homes typically accept flowers, but call at least a few days before the wedding to find out when someone can drop off the arrangements. If you’re changing out of your gown before you head to your hotel room, you’ll need a person to take it home, too— even if you have no plans to get it professionally preserved, you don’t want to leave it behind! Make sure there’s a hanger and a garment bag on hand (the one your dress came with will do!) so your gown stays in tip-top shape.


4) Deciding where everything goes

Besides planning where all of your guests sit, you need to figure out where you’ll put programs, escort and place cards, menus (if you’re having them) and bomboniere. Once you’ve decided who’s going to set these out — your wedding coordinator, bridesmaids and banquet managers are all good choices — give them clear instructions on where they should go (one bomboniere on every other plate at tables, for instance, if you want couples to share the takeaways, or all of them in two baskets by the exits if you want guests to pick them up on the way out). Also, if your venue’s staff will be setting out these items, find out when you can drop everything off — some venues want everything a couple of days before your wedding; others won’t take anything until the actual day.

5) Decorating the other areas

Of course, no guest will walk out of your wedding if the bathrooms and cocktail bar are left bare. But with all the energy that’s put into dressing up the reception and ceremony spaces, you might want to put in the small extra effort to give these spots the decor they deserve. A few candles will work.

6) Buying gifts for the wedding party

When gifts are constantly coming to your door, it’s hard to remember that you also need to dole some out! So who makes it on the gift list? Everyone who plays a role in your day — yes, your parents and future in-laws, too. You don’t need to make a big presentation.

7) Choosing how to gather the gifts

If you’re not having a wishing well, there are three times when guests are likely to thrust gifts at you: while they’re in the receiving line, during your table visits and when they leave for the night. Designate a person — one of your bridesmaids, your mum or your groom’s mum — to collect envelopes, and have them by your side with a large but inconspicuous bag when you’re saying hello and goodbye to your guests. That person should also keep an eye out for guests who seem a little lost at the reception — they may be trying to figure out where they should put their gift! If you decide instead to have a wishing well, box or other stationary receptacle, add a cute sign and tell a few people to subtly spread the word around.

8) Figuring out your day-after plans

If you’re leaving for your honeymoon straight from your hotel, make advance arrangements for a car service to take you from the hotel to the airport, and be sure you bring any luggage you want with you on your trip (and a passport if you need it). If you’re not going on your honeymoon right away, then you need to know where you’re going the morning after your wedding (home, or your parents’ house?) and how you’re going to get there. Park your car at the hotel before your wedding if you’re allowed, or ask a friend to come pick you up and bring you where you want to go the next day. Don’t schedule your ride too early — you’ll probably be exhausted.

9) Bringing the legal documents

Signing your marriage certificate after the wedding ceremony is one of the most important aspects of your day; after all, it officialises the reason you threw a wedding in the first place! After all the hours of planning, you’re probably more focused on the party afterwards than the legal side of your nuptials, but without the paperwork, all the stress and money spent will be for nothing. Your celebrant should hopefully keep you on top of all the legal requirements, such as lodging your Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month prior to your wedding day, and bringing along three marriage certificates for you to sign on the day. Also, there is a ‘Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage’ which you will need to sign close to, and prior to the marriage taking place. Check with them a few days before the wedding so you can have peace of mind.


10) Making and confirming itineraries

Check in with every single supplier, from the limo driver to the linen rental company, one week before your wedding. Many of them will beat you to it, so be ready to go over times and locations whenever you get a call. Send out agendas to your bridesmaids and groomsmen, too — how else will they know what time you’re taking photos? If someone in the bridal party is notorious for being late, start their schedule half an hour early just in case.

Wedding Videography

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20 Tips for planning a wedding.

By John Matthews

1. Take your time.

Start planning early! Some couples start as early as sixteen months out, and it really helped to keep stress levels down. You can get tons of stuff done early and had time to save for the things you really want. You only get to plan your wedding once, so make sure it is a fun time, not a stressful one!

2. Be present in each moment.

Don’t forget it is your wedding day, so soak up all the love, joy and bliss! Enjoy the moment!

3. Do a first look.

If your wedding ceremony is late in the afternoon leaving limited time for a photoshoot, It is a good idea to consider a ‘First Look’. This is where the bride and Groom get ready earlier in the day and meet each other prior to the ceremony. This can also be great for reducing the nerves relating to the ceremony and create much needed daylight hours for some beautiful photography and videography.  Photographers and wedding videography Brisbane can collaborate together and find secluded areas, away from all the madness that is going on during that time of the morning. It allowed you to take a deep breath, let the moment sink in, feel all the emotions you’ll be feeling. Although this isn’t very traditional it is becoming more and more popular and is especially popular in the US. But no matter what you decide, the important thing is choosing what’s right for you as a couple.

4. Don’t get caught up in “perfection.”

The event is an expression of yourselves, but it’s not all you’ll ever be. It’s just the beginning! In fact, some of the best moments are usually the ones you haven’t plan for at all—like a fabulous photograph of my dress train all tangled up with leaves and dirt. Sure, it’s messy and not what you’re used to seeing in bridal magazines, but it’s also honest and a truly joyful moment that could have easily go south if you’re uptight about things. Embrace the unexpected, and each others opinions, and don’t let an unattainable ideal sour the big picture: You’re in this together, now and for the future.

5. Have faith that all of your efforts will be worth it.

Before your wedding you may have people telling you that their wedding day was the BEST day of their life, and they maybe very excited that they will soon be able to experience yours. During all your preparations and planning your wedding, the long, daily to-do lists and the stress may make you feel as if the day will never come. However, it eventually does! When it does come, I recommend that you try your best to savor every moment of the wedding day—from the moment you get out of bed to the moment you walked out of my wedding venue as a married woman.

6. Share something personal and unique with your guests.

Think about how you can make your ceremony personal and unique. I once witnessed a reading from The Lovely Love Story. It was  a great thing to include for a very personal touch. All the guests couldn’t stop talking about how adorable and memorable it was after the ceremony. The couple still get random dinosaur post on their Facebook wall from guests about it years later. If you are hoping for an amazing wedding film, giving your cinematographers something really emotional to connect all of the pieces together with will be a great help. Cinematographers are storytellers, so having a unifying element to drive your love story will truly leave lasting impression in your wedding film.

7. Try not to stress (even when it seems impossible).

Try and remember why you are getting married, and make the event truly about (and for) the both of you. Have faith in your vendors and videographer, and trust that they will do their job well! And once it’s happening, just go with it. Even small hick-ups for example you may need to call your dad up after he walks you down the isle because he has your vows in his jacket pocket! This would be sure to get a laugh and help make your day that little more memorable.

Your wedding day will most likely feel as though it has flown by but remember to take a few minutes alone after the ceremony with your husband or wife and enjoy a sweet moment together as newlyweds. You’ll be happy you did.

8. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

Most couples want their wedding day to be a celebration of the rest of their lives together. You probably want people to walk away saying, ‘That was so much fun.’ And you will be able to accomplish this if you choose the few things that are really important to you. Maybe things like the photographer and Videographer are high on your list, or a live band! Choose what is the most important and be flexible on the other details and remember to have fun.

9. Accept that you can’t please everyone.

You just cannot make everyone happy, and if you try and accommodate for others it will just make the whole process daunting. This is your special day, so make it about you. It probably the only day that you will ever get that chance.

10. Be a team throughout the entire process.

You are bound to have family or friends with well-intentions try and lend advice, opinions, and even objections to your decisions. And it’s easy for you and your partner to become divided on certain issues. But in the end, this is a celebration of your love and future together, so every choice should be yours alone as a couple. Keep your focus on what matters the most for you and forget what others think you should or shouldn’t do, Go with your heart. Keeping yourselves at the center of every decision will make for the most memorable day of your life.

11. Remind yourself what’s truly important.

The biggest piece of advice we can offer for brides and grooms planning their wedding day is to never forget that this is a celebration of the union between two people.

12. Celebrate your love (and let others share your joy, too).

“Tyler and I both went into our wedding knowing it would be incredible because at the end of the day, we were to be married, and that was the main purpose. Our advice is to understand that a wedding isn’t about perfection. It is about the love you share and the vows you say. Everything else is a bonus.

Also, remember it isn’t all about you. Yes, it is your wedding and the celebration is in your honor, but a wedding is also an opportunity to thank all of the important people in your life who love and support you. It is to celebrate love, and it is meant to be fun! Enjoy it!” —Desiree and Tyler

13. Take one thing at a time.

“You can be easily overwhelmed in planning a wedding without a full-time wedding coordinator. But once you select the date and venue, the rest will fall into place. Think about the three most important things to you, and work on those next—whether it’s the photography, dress, food, music, florals, etc. Make a list and slowly cross things off as you go.

The biggest thing is that when your wedding day finally arrives, it literally flies by in the blink of an eye. All of the planning, stress, money, and time put in over the entire year comes and goes in a flash the day of your wedding, so try to enjoy the whole process. At times, you’ll be stressed and overwhelmed, but just enjoy the entire engagement and planning period, because when it’s all over, you’ll miss it and want to do it all over again!”  —Malia and Brandon

14. Take time to enjoy each other’s company.

“It’s so easy during wedding planning to not take time to check in with each other and just get straight to wedding to-dos. During our one year of wedding planning, it felt like every time we saw each other, we had wedding decisions to make and appointments to go to. At the end of the day, the wedding is just one day in the lifetime of a marriage. It’s important to have a good foundation going into it.

Lastly, make sure to take little moments throughout the wedding day to savor everything—the emotion, the sights, the smells, the sounds. The wedding day goes by so quickly and before you know it, all of that planning is over.” —Diane and Paul

15. Kiss your husband as many times as you can.

“All the stress you had before the big day…just let it go. It is what it is, and stressing will only damper your big day. If it’s out of your control, let it be out of your control and just roll with it. Cherish every moment because it goes by so fast. And kiss your husband as many times as you can that day. It’s all about the two of you, don’t lose sight of that.” —Megan and Steve

16. Consider the environment when planning your wedding.

“I know that it can be hard to see past the day itself, and you’re just doing whatever you can to craft a beautiful event, but there is often so much waste that goes into a wedding. It’s just one day in your life together, but the environmental toll can continue long after the day is done. Go simple, modern, vintage, or minimalist—any of these routes will help you reduce your impact on the environment and will likely save you money. So many people told us how blown away they were by our wedding, and yet, we spent less than $15k on the entire affair and managed to keep things very green.

Also, I highly encourage couples to ‘pay it forward’ and give away anything they created or bought for their wedding.  I plan to give away almost every single thing we made and thrifted for our wedding so that they can have a second (and hopefully, third, fourth, and fifth!) chance to make someone else’s dream day come true.” —Amber and Nate

17. Eat!

“Take the time to eat on the day of your wedding. Tristan and I didn’t slow down or eat anything all day, and by the time the wedding was over, we were so worn out and hungry!”—Nicole and Tristan

18. Keep the big picture in mind.

“What I mean by this is there will undoubtedly be times of stress, fighting (a lot of fighting), angst, and anxiousness before and during the wedding. What kept us sane was knowing that at the end of the day, it’s just not that big of a deal. After the wedding, you will be husband and wife for the rest of your life—the wedding is just a big ol’ party.” —Lu and Joon

19. Hire a day-of coordinator.

“The biggest piece of advice I have for brides and grooms that are planning a wedding is to hire a day-of coordinator so that you can enjoy your wedding day. Your coordinator allows you to take in all of the details and actually spend time with your guests and family. “—Alyssa and Aaron

20. Don’t sweat the little things.

“Our biggest piece of advice would be to plan ahead, don’t procrastinate, don’t sweat the little things, only do things that you can afford, try not to do anything wedding related two weeks before the wedding, enjoy your big day, and don’t forget to steal a couple private moments just as husband and wife throughout your wedding day. Things will be stressful as you plan, and things will go wrong on your wedding day, but don’t forget the big picture.” —Pearle and James

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Giving Your Marriage A Twist

Giving Your Marriage A Twist

It may not be wrong to assume that people have become experiment with regard to almost everything. The marriage is no exception. If people are capable of going on extravagant holidays and setting up various settlement plans, there is no reason why the marriage is going to be an exception. A recent trend that is being seen nowadays is that the use of themes has become extremely popular. It may be with regard to a movie or just a simple color. More often than not, pink is always seems to be the more dominant idea because brides will have their way with regard to making their choices.Documenting the entire experience with perfection

Even though the marriage is going to be an extremely auspicious event, simply taking pictures is not going to be the only way that people would like to look back and reminisce. That is why people are always hiring the best cinematic wedding videographer that they will be able to find in the vicinity. As logical as it may seem, the entire thing is going to be documented not as a set of pictures but as a complete video. Therefore, once the entire thing comes to completion, everyone can sit down and view the whole thing.


Prior preparation is a must

People will be extremely enthusiastic about having a cinematic wedding videographer at any point of the day. But there are certain arrangements which will have to be made. Firstly, there will be a number of cameramen who will be required to work on the spot. They will have to be provisioned to allow them to set up so that they can get the best possible angles. Also, electrical and wiring connections will have to be given to them so that all the equipment can be put to the best possible use. Otherwise, the entire effort will walk down the drain because you will not have the required tools to let them flourish.

Do a little bit of review

The moment you decide to hire professionals like this, make sure that you get a hold of their previous work so that you can understand the quality. That way, you can be sure whether you want them or would like to pay a little higher and get somebody else.

Analyze the footage

Do not let the professionals do the complete editing themselves. The moment they will sit down to the task, make sure that you give them a hand with regard to choosing the best clips that can be used if. However, the professional experts tend to transform the shots manifold, by the aid of color correction and adding exclusive cinematic effects, and so you might be surprised to see the final product.


Planning Your Big Day

Planning Your Big Day

One of the most memorable experiences of our life is our wedding day. A wedding has to be planned at least a year prior to the wedding date to make it a success. That itself shows how much of a big deal it is to people. You may be dreaming about your wedding day since you were a little girl or a boy but planning a real wedding is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of time and energy. Here are a few things that have to be in order for a wedding to be successful one.

Hall décor

A wedding would be incomplete without beautiful, eye-catching decoration. It is one of the top priorities in a wedding. You will be inviting your friends, family and people of all sorts; therefore, the venue has to be nicely decorated to create a wedding atmosphere. A bride dressed up in the most glamorous way on her wedding day, so why not create the same effect when decorating the place. Since people would be giving attention to details the decors should be done neatly and flawlessly. The couple should discuss beforehand about the flowers and other items they wish to use as decorations.

Brisbane wedding videographer

Treasuring memories

One of the most important tasks to be fulfilled during a wedding is wedding videography. The memories made on your wedding day could be cherished through a wedding video. With the arrival of the “selfie” trend people prefer more to take informal pictures rather than posing for formal wedding photographs. There are companies which do wedding photo booth hire for the couples who wish to experiment rather than take formal pictures from a photographer.

Wedding photo booth hire isfun way of saving your memories because you can take whatever type of picture the way you want. These companies even provide customized props which could be used in your wedding pictures.

Arranging the wedding banquet

No matter how beautiful the bride or the decors would look, your guests will only remember one thing, which is the taste of the food you provide them at your wedding. Be very selective when picking dishes for the lunch or dinner you are planning to give. Make sure that you select the best quality food but go for affordable prices. Do not wait till the last moment to arrange the meals and other needs. Talk to the guests who haven’t RSVP d and confirm the headcount before you order the food and keep in mind to order a little extra in case there is an additional guest or two. Early preparation is the key element for a successful wedding!